Bye ya’ll we are on our way to turkey. Sun, beach, family, fun ugh i’m so happy i just need this so much!
I will miss you all, but i queued something for you guys hihihi first one already online. and aish is happy yaaaay ❤️

Ok, guys see you all in three weeks! 🌸

ksg or kvb?


who is that asking me this hard question???? ugh why you do this huh???

but i’m gonna say ksg cause he i knew him first, and he’s just perfect, his acting is mindblowing (well so is kvb’s ugh) DR. ARMAAN MALIK will always be my fave character ❤️ this is not fair ):

karanvir bohra is so attractive, dear lawd

ohmfg have fun in turkey bb! tell me everything when u get back and i can't wait to read the letters :3 literally the sweetest thing someone has done in this fandom

aww this just made my night ❤️ thank you so much and ugh i’m so tired i want to sleep but i still need to pack and my room, well the whole house looks like a mess rn /: but yess ofc i will bb!